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About Brian D. Avery

Operational Safety Consultant and Expert Witness

for the Events and Attractions Industry

Brian D. Avery

Brian D. Avery is a University of Florida professor, expert witness, and speaker in the field of amusement and event safety with a career that spans more than 30-years. During that period, Brian has worked in the events, tourism, and attractions industry in a variety of capacities. 

Brian's background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education.

Brian provides consulting and expert witness services for amusement ride and event-related operational failures resulting in personal injury.

Contact Brian today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how Brian's services can assist you.

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Instructional Hours Taught


Legal Cases Involved In


Authored Industry Pieces


Years of Industry Experience

Career Highlights

University of Florida

Brian is a faculty member and Director of Engaged Learning at the University of Florida, College of Health & Human Performance within the Departments of Sport Management & Tourism, Hospitality, & Events. Brian is thrilled to be teaching courses in risk management and legal aspects.

Ted Talk

Brian had the privilege of creating a TED Talk lesson on How Rollercoasters Affect your Body. Brian investigated what roller coasters are doing to your body and how they’ve managed to get scarier and safer at the same time. View animation

Disney International

For several years, Brian had the honor of teaching Theme Park Management to students attending the Walt Disney World International College Program at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

ASTM International

For nearly 20 years, Brian has served as a voting committee member for ASTM International Volume 15.07, F24 for amusement rides and devices. ASTM F24 oversees exacting standards that play a critical role in the safe operation of amusement rides and devices.

Dubai Parks & Resorts

Brian had the pleasure of working with the Dubai Parks and Resorts (motiongate Dubai, Legoland Park, Legoland Water Park, Bollywood) U.A.E. Emiratis in the development of their operations, safety, and risk management practices.

UCF Rosen College

Brian was able to fulfill a dream by developing and instructing a first-of-its-kind course addressing the fundamentals of risk management related to events, tourism, and attractions operators at UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

Brian D. Avery in the Studio
Brian's Educational Endeavors

In addition to Brian’s many business activities, Brian has spent numerous years learning his trade… not only as a practitioner but as an academic. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, a Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Human Factors and Safety, a Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and has completed his coursework for a Ph.D. in Hospitality Education, with an emphasis on events, tourism and attractions safety and risk management.

Sample Work History


Event Safety & Security Services, LLC. - Managing Member

  • Provide safety consulting services for event, venue, and attraction providers.  

  • Provide event, venue, and attraction operational safety expert witness services for attorneys and insurance providers. 


Brian D. Avery - Managing Member

  • Life safety and corporate responsibility public speaker and author. 

  • Content creator.


The University of Florida - Faculty Member & DELO

  • Responsible for curriculum development and instruction for both undergraduate and graduate. 

  • Director of professional development and outreach initiatives. 


Brian's Court Experiences 

30+ States, DC, England, & US Virgin Islands

Brian has the experience of working in courts like United States District Courts: Eastern District of Washington, District of Massachusetts, Middle District of Florida-Orlando, Southern District of Florida-Miami; The Crowns Court Chelmsford England; Supreme Court of the State of New York; Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Cuyahoga County, Harrison County, Richland County, Montgomery County, Miami County, and the State of South Carolina; District Courts of Harris County, Tulsa County, Clark County, County of Ramsey, Parish of Orleans, Hartford, New Haven, and Comal County; Superior Courts of the District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, and the States of California, Arizona, Washington, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts; State Courts of Cobb County, Fulton County, and Clayton County; Circuit Courts of Collier County, Lee County, Broward County, Sevier County, Palm Beach County, Blount County, Miami-Dade County, Marshall County, Pulaski County, Benzie County, Cook County, and Mobile County, and the States of Tennessee (Thirteenth District), Kentucky (Jefferson Division Eleven), Wisconsin, and Oregon.

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